My new morning routines

Yes that right routines. These days I have three similar routines. With my work schedule changing from Monday thru Friday in the office, to work from home completely, now two days in the office. Often I found myself waking up on days scheduled to work from home just 15 minutes before I needed to start work. Which oftentimes leads me to showering at 3pm. It all just made me feel off and not productive. So after some trying and failing here is what I found works best for me.

  1. Waking up – I am working on going to bed and getting up at the same time no matter if it is the weekend or workday in or out of the office. I bought a new alarm clock that it simulates natural sunlight. I use it in the morning to help me get up and at night I set it to slowly dim. I have started to read for 30 minutes in bed to help me relax and fall asleep.
  2. Exercise – Through out all of the changes what exercise I was going fell of by the wasteside. I started making it a point on days that I am working from home to do some kind of exercise. In the morning I like to walk or do yoga. I have the time during my work from home days in the morning because I dont need to sit in traffic to get to work.
  3. Healthy eatting – This is another important item but with all the changes it easy to put this off. I figure start small and focus on eatting a healthy breakfast each day. When I am going into the office I like to make a coffee and mix it with Premier Protein and add ice. It is like a iced coffee that keeps you full. When working from home I like to eat egg whites or yogurt. On weekends I like pancakes or oatmeal.
  4. Getting ready – I make it a point to shower in the mornings. This helps me feel like I am starting my day out right. I then follow up with skincare routine, and get dresses even if it is just sweatpaints for my work from home days.

My weekends are a little less organized as they are ever changing. I still wake up at the same time normally like to read my book and drink my morning coffee. Then start the day off with some exercise and a good breakfast.

Links to a few things mentioned above:

Alarm Clock –

Protein –

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