Spinach Dip

Who doesn’t love a classic spinach dip recipe, there are tons of different recipes out there. I like to stick to a classic recipe but make small little changes to make it my own . I also like the fact I can make it work into a dip for any type of party.  

My basic recipe:

2 frozen packs of spinach

1 cup of mayo

1 cup of sour cream 

1 pack of soften cream cheese

To make it my own add :

Garlic powder



Cayenne pepper 


This is all to taste. My advice is to start out with a little then taste and add more if needed. 

Above I served my dip with tortilla chips and bread bread. Some other great options are crackers or sourdough bread. There are countless items you can serve with this dip. In the winter I like to serve the dip warm, and in the summer I like to keep it cold. There are just so many ways you could serve and make this dip your own.  Please share your favorite way to serve spinach dip below. 

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