Sephora Holiday Sale

It is that time of the year the Sephora Holiday Sale is here.  I picked up items for myself but also gifts for people . This is a great time to try products you have been eyeing up but also stock up on your everyday products.  This year I picked up more haircare and skincare products. In fact I am not getting any makeup. I know I am shocked too. I will also be doing follow up post on the new products I picked up for myself, after trying them for sometime.

Here are the dates. 

Moroccan oil is one of my favorite hair oils, I have been using this for years. With this deal for $4 more dollars you get a hair brush. I picked this up for myself and it should last me about a year. I like putting this in my damp hair and I also use it after I blow dry my hair to keep it smooth.  The brush head is about the size of my hand, I could always use another hair brush. The quality seems very good and the orange tip at the end pulls out to help you part your hair.

I have been eyeing this up for sometime and figure why not try it at a discount. Even though it says scrub it is more of an acid kind of exfoliator. In the winter my dry scalp gets itchy and flaky so I want to try to get it in better shape with exfoliating and moisturizing. 

My current eye cream will not cut it for the winter months coming.  So I picked up this one to try to help keep my eye area hydrated and bright. Finger cross works this eye cream is only 9 bucks. I have heard great things about this line. 

I love a good facial spray, I use them throughout the day. I like to use facial spray before and after makeup, also on days that I am not wearing makeup to keep my skin hydrated. 

This is a great hand cream set, you get three purse friendly sizes.  I have used all three hand creams before and they hydrate my hands without leaving a grease felling. 

I am planning on breaking this set up and using it as part of a gift for my co-workers.  I use a lot of hand creams in the winter, I like to keep them everywhere. I enjoy how effective these are but also the smell. This is a great set to either break up or give someone as is. 

This is part of the gift I am putting together for my coworkers. I am going for a self care theme this year. So having multiple options for a face mask is perfect.  

This sale is a great opportunity for gifts, stock up on products you love, and try some new things. Let me know what you pick up.


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