Here are some gift ideas for Men

My husband is one of the hardest people to buy gifts for.  He either buys what he wants or doesn’t want anything. So I have learned when he says he likes something to hurry up and get a picture to use for later.  Here are ideas that I am looking at to pick up for him.  I will link everything below. 

The number one gift  is the Apple AirPods Pro, they are $249.00 so this will be most of the budget we set.  But he could use a nice set of headphones. He likes to wear them well working outside.  This git is really perfect for anyone who uses headphones regularly. 

So the next few items are clothing, if your husband is anything like mine he won’t buy new clothes until his current stuff has holes or is so worn out that he can’t wear it anymore.  So  I like to buy him stuff that he could use.  North Face is always a favorite of his. 

Every winter we seem to need to buy new hats and gloves so even though this is something very basic it is very useful.  

Socks are must for my husband and he loves the Adidas brand socks. I am always buying socks. 

The next few items are stuff I have seen that I think he would like. So this different looking cup thing is a wireless charger that cleans your phone too.  I think this would be nice to keep in the car.  

So everyone can use extra phone charger, why not get one that charges your phone quickly. 

Slippers are something my husband loves to wear around the house, I like these so that if is taking the trash out he doesn’t have to change shoes. 

Let me know what gifts you plan on picking up.


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