Advent Calendars

So over the past few years advent calendars have become increasingly popular.  My husband and I like the excitement of opening a gift each day.  This year we each are getting one and the dogs will have theirs too. New this year we have added an advent calendar candle.  Yes candle I know it’s getting a bit out of hand but the candle did smell really good so I figured I could light it at night.  So here are our advent calendars this year. 

For the dogs we got them a dog calendar at costco.  It was about 24 dollars which isn’t bad at all for 100 treats. Both of my dogs are going to share it as that is a lot of treats. 

My husband picked out his own calendar this year and wanted a Whiskey  calendar.  So we found this one. We have not received it yet but he is very excited. Each day you get a small amount of whiskey to try and a description of them.

This year I picked out a more skin care calendar, as I find myself wearing less and less makeup.  After looking at so many I think this one is a great deal for the price and amount of products I want to try. I am so excited to be able to try all of the products so see what works and that I would like to buy full size. 

There are so many different advent calendars out there these days. Another great option for those who do not celebrate Christmas, you can buy an advent calendar and break it down into 8 different gifts.  My sister in law has a wine advent calendar, I will have to look into that for next year.    Are you getting an advent calendar this year, if so let me know which one?


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