Nail Care

These days my hands are taking a big hit. With the cold weather, hand sanitizer, and hand washing.  They are cracked, dry, some of my skin is flaking off, and my cuticles are just a mess.So today I finally took time to give myself a manicure, here are the products I like to use.  

The first thing I do is use the Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover.  Leave on for a minute then I push back my cuticles. Then I trim my cuticles, if you are not comfortable with this then you can just push them back and wipe off the gel.  Another option is after the shower push back your cuticles with a bath towel while your cuticles are soft. 

The next step is trimming with a nail file, right now I am keeping my nails very short.  They are very brittle so it is just easier to keep them short.  If you want to paint your nails, this is the time.  I choose not to at this time.  

After shaping, I use cuticle oil, massage it into the nail and cuticle area, then follow up with hand cream. I have linked my two favorites below. I buy these time and time again, the Colleen Rothschild I keep in my purse so I can use it any time. The Loccitane I like to keep at my desk.  Do you have any tips or favorite products that help keep your hands looking healthy?


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