Winter Getaway

My husband and I started a tradition of going away for the weekend to celebrate our marriage. Last year we came to Gateway Lodge for our honeymoon and this year we came on our first year anniversary. We love coming up here, it is beyond relaxing and this year who doesn’t need some time to relax in the middle of nowhere.

We prefer to stay in the lodge but they do have cabins you can rent. On the plus side of the cabins right now you are not around people at all. We prefer the lodge because we can walk down the hall for our massages, grab drinks at the bar, and go to dinner all without getting in the car to leave. 

This year instead of us going anywhere for breakfast they dropped off breakfast at our door. And let me just say even without COVID I would love to have this option in the future. We had breakfast in bed for the first time, and talked about how we couldn’t do this at home with our dogs because they would think it is for them. 

The food is farm to table and everything is grown locally. From the cranberries in the scone to the meat, it is all locally sourced. This is a great way to give back to local businesses but to also know where your ingredients are coming from. 

We love coming up here and just relaxing every year. This is a tradition that we plan on keeping for years to come. What are some traditions that you like? 


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