6 tips to drink more water

  1. Get a new water bottle, nothing helps me drink more like a new water bottle, I am excited to use it

2.    Download an app to help track, a reminder that pops up on your phone or smart watch is helpful when you have five other things going on.

3.    Set a goal of how much water you want to drink. · Having a goal helps define how much you want to drink, and will help you have a clear goal.  I also like to treat myself to diet pop once I have finished my water goal for the day.

4.    Drink water first thing in the morning. I am going try to not to have coffee until I have had 8 oz. of water in the morning. Your body can be dehydrated from sleep.

5.    Keep water by you at all times, it helps when you have it within your reach, even by your bed at night

6.    Add things to your water

·         Fruit

·         Herbs like mint

·         Flavor shots like Mio or crystal light  

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