My Goals

Every year my husband and I sit down together and go over our goals.  We each have individual goals and our goals that we share.  I like knowing his personal goals so I can support him and know where his mind is at when making decisions that might affect our family.  This year I have six goals I want to focus on .  

  1. Simplify my belongings, I want to go through things I have and if I am not using them either sale,donate or throw away the item.  I want to do this from clothes to lotions sitting in the back of my desk drawer.  
  2. Read more, I listen to a lot of fiction books.  This year I would like to read or listen to more books on growing personally or interests of mine. 
  3. Start walking again, in the evenings my husband and I would walk together and talk about our day.  This is something we both want to bring back not just for the health benefits of walking but us spending time together. 
  4. Family/ house , we have projects around the house we would like to get done this year.  Also we want to spend more time as a family this year fishing and traveling to new places even for the day.  
  5. Spend time with friends, last year like most people we did not get to see our friends as much.  This year I would like to host people for dinner and spend time by the new fire pit.  
  6. Grow this blog, I plan on putting forth more effort to grow and build this blog up. 

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