This year I would like to start working out more.  I am not comfortable going to a gym with others for multiple reasons. One is COVID, another reason would be that my fitness level is low and I am not comfortable working out in front of others at this point. I bought a yoga mat, 5-pound dumbbells, and a portable gym.  

With the yoga mat, I plan on doing yoga in the morning, I am just going to look up some videos on youtube or use a book I have.  My plan with yoga is to help with stretching and relaxing.  

The 5-pound weights are to use with videos on YouTube that are about 30 minutes long. The channel is called the body project.  I am not planning on joining or anything, I just watch the free videos and workout.  


The other form of a workout to challenge me is using the bodyboss portable gym.  There is a youtube channel you can watch to give you ideas. They also have a website you can use to help with workouts.  

What do you like to do for a workout?


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