Every year I get a new planner to try and help keep my life together. My husband and I both have busy schedules.  Over the years I have transitioned from working full time and being in school to working full time trying to take care of the home and two dogs.  This year I decided to go with a custom planner to help with keeping it all together.  

Joe and I have a calendar that we share online and both fill in as needed.  This includes everything from our work schedule to reminders every month to get the dog’s medicine.  But I am still old school and like to write it down and create a to-do list from there. 

Here are the five things I like to put in my planner:

  1. Birthdays and reminders to send out cards before the date
  2. Schedule including what days I am in the office
  3. Habit tracking 
  4. Dinners for the week
  5. To-do list for the week

With the planner I created, I am able to plan a week at a time and make a to-do list based on it.

What planner do you use?


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