Current Makeup Standouts

 I like to rotate my makeup based on what type of look I am going for.  At one point I was only wearing full coverage looks to cover my redness, and it was so heavy and thick. Nowadays I am not into it.  I don’t know if it is because of my age and I don’t care anymore if some redness comes through or because I am more comfortable in my own skin. For the past year, I am more into lighter coverage and more natural looks.  I am also trying to use more natural products when I can and if I like them. Here are my current makeup favorites.

Dr. Jart Tiger Grass color-correcting treatment. I have been using this product on and off for years now. I am now using it as a base and with little foundation and concealer.  This product turns from green to light beige. If this color works with your skin tone then you might not need foundation, however, it is a little too light for my tone so I like to use a foundation to help match my skin tone.  

ILIA super serum skin tint SPF 40 is the foundation I am using currently.  It is lightweight and has a glowy finish.  I apply by putting a few drops on my fingertips and spreading them into my face.  It gives nice coverage but does not look cakey or heavy.  

RMS Beauty “ un” coverup is the current concealer I am using and I love it.  It is very lightweight and hydrating.  It is perfect for my under eye area and all over my face.  It is not a full coverage concealer but it does hide my dark circles.  

ILIA brow gel is the only thing I have been using in my eyebrows currently.  Over the past year, I have started to let them grow out, so it is hard for me to fill them in.  I need to make an appointment to get them shaped at some point. This brow gel helps fill them in areas that need help and keeps the hairs in line. 

ILIA lipstick in Forever is becoming one of my new favorites.  I like how it moisturizes and colors. It can be used in multiple ways.  It can be applied like regular lipstick or if you just put a little on it gives just a little color to your lips it is the perfect “ your lips but better” color.  

If you noticed a theme of ILIA makeup, I wanted to try the brand and it is natural.  So far I have loved everything I have tried and I will be buying more ILIA products.  


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