Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

My husband and I already bought our Valentine’s Day gifts, he got tools from me that he wanted and would come in handy as he works on projects around the house. So far I got coffee from the grounds and hounds company, which I can’t wait to brew tomorrow morning. There is another gift coming and I can’t wait. So now that we both got our gifts, I figured that I could put this little guide together. 

Diamond Earrings are a great gift any time of the year. These are simple but look beautiful, and it’s a great price point.  These are from Costco which is not normally where people go to buy jewelry but should really start the prices are really good. 

This wallet is something I have been looking at for my husband, he does not carry a regular wallet. I think this is a perfect gift for a man or woman who doesn’t like carrying a big wallet. 

 In our house, we fight over these blankets, including the dogs. We have two and we need more, our dogs have stolen them and love to cuddle with them.  They are so soft and warm they are the perfect gift.  

A few other gift ideas are slippers, perfume or cologne, pajamas, robes ( barefoot dreams have one that I am eyeing up), candles, hand cream, silk mask, or any everyday item that they might like.  I think with Valentine’s day gifts you should think of your partner and what they like.  If your partner likes to bake then a mixer or oven mitts would be a great gift. If your partner likes to garden then a book on gardening or a seed storage system would be great gifts.   With Valentine’s Day gifts it should be more about the thought behind the gift than cost or amount.  

What are you giving your partner this year?



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