Is it Spring yet?

As many of us are getting more snow, I am sitting on my couch with a cozy blanket planning my spring décor. The weather app says we are getting 1-3 more inches of snow tonight, but I am ready for spring. I thought I would share with you some ideas I have floating around.

First I like to see what I have already, then I like to go on Pinterest and see what ideas I can pull from there. I found this watering can with spring flowers in it. I have a watering can already that looks similar so I can use that and just get some fake spring flowers. This will be for my porch so fake flowers are the way to go. 

I will be putting this outside at some point.

The second item is an all-white pitcher, with flowers in it. I have a pitcher already and I love it. I like to use it for lemonade or sweet tea but also a vase. For this, I just need to run to the store and get some fresh flowers. I can see this going on my white stand in my living room or in my kitchen. 

This wreath is from Walmart, I think this would be perfect for my back door.

The third idea is a bowl of lemons, I keep telling my husband I want a lemon tree. I like the smell and look of lemons. I have a white or clear bowl I can place on my counter in the kitchen and I will just need to buy a few more lemons. 

This is my inspiration for a lemon wreath.

The last idea is a door wreath, we just spent time updating our front door and back door. I am so excited because that means I can have two wreaths now. I love a good lavender wreath, I have been eyeing them up on Pottery Barn for years now. The other wreath I really like is a lemon wreath. I Told you I have a thing for lemons! 

What are your spring décor ideas?


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