February Standouts

For me, this month has seemed to have flown by.  This month was about getting ready quickly and getting things done. My husband and I have been working around the house painting our bedroom and redoing our basement bathroom. My favorite products this month have helped me get ready in the morning quickly and relaxing while working. 

At night I have been using the Dr. Jart  cicapair tiger grass sleepair intensive mask. This mask helps restore skin with moisture. It helps reduce redness, and is formulated for sensitive skin.  For me this helps reduce the redness in my face while leaving my skin soft and hydrated. This allows me to use less makeup and fewer products in the morning. 

For makeup I have been using a little concealer , mascara, brow gel, and these by terry products. The first is brightening cc serum in either apricot glow or sunny flash depending on my skin tone. The next is cc palette in sunny flash. It has a bronzer, two blushes, and a highlighter. I also use them as eye shadows.  The cc serum brightens and hydrates the skin and provides enough coverage that I don’t need to put on foundation. 

The next few products are to help keep me relaxed and organized. The scent of sunrise yoga by bath and body works helps me relax. It has mandarin, spearmint, and juniper berry essential oils to create the scent. I like using the lotion more as a hand lotion and the spray as a room spray. 

I found fringe products a few years ago and have been loving them ever since. This year I picked up a weekly and monthly planner to use for work. I love it because it is small enough to carry back and forth between working from home and in the office. Yet it is able to keep everything I need in it. I work better when I have a to-do list. The next fringe product I use is the notebook I have been using for organizing my blog post. There is a space at the top for the date which I use when I post it, there is also enough room to write out my points. 

The last product is costa Brazil body cream, it is amazing and it is unscented and hydrates my very dry skin. This product works and doesn’t irritate it. I also like to have a smaller tube of it to carry around with me. You don’t need a lot of this lotion.

What products are you loving this month? 

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