Gardening is something I picked up last year and fell in love with. I learned a lot of what worked and didn’t last year. I am already making plans for this year’s garden. I figured I would do a monthly update on my garden on my blog about how it’s going and what I am learning. It was so rewarding to be able to eat something I grew from a seed.  I loved knowing where something came from that I was feeding my family. So here are my plans for this year. 

To start, I found a new planter box. My husband and I built last year’s bed and I had a very hard time reaching the other side so I want to buy this one instead. 

Gloves are important to have. I already have my garden gloves but I want gloves for my rose bushes so I don’t get cut. I am planning on getting more bushes this year. Another bush I want is a lavender bush. These won’t be in the vegetable garden but they are part of my plan this year.

Baskets are helpful to carry tools and put your vegetables in to bring in the house. I have been eyeing these up. 

Somewhere to put seeds is a good idea so you can use them next year or so you know what you planted and if it worked or not. 

Watering cans are also going to be helpful, sometimes if you water with just the hose you might over water. This one looked very cute and a lot better than the plastic ones. 

Aprons are my thing, I have multiple cooking ones and instead of using one of them like I did last year, I found this one. It looks very lightweight but will help protect my clothes. 

Tags are a good thing to have if you are planting multiple things in the same area. I have been eyeing these ones up. 

Seed spacers are something I am thinking about to help keep things even and looking clean.  

Pots and starter kits are good to have. I used these starter kits last year and I am planning on buying more this year. I will start all of my seeds in these or pots. 

Here is what I am thinking of planting this year. 









Are you planting anything year, if so what?


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