Skin Care Routine

Over the past few months, I have been getting facials at Inskin Laser & Body. Diane is my esthetician and is amazing. We have moved on to IPL treatments for my facial redness. WIth getting the treatments I wanted to change up my skincare routine to work with the treatments. Diane recommended the DMK line, so I use them in the morning and keep my nighttime routine very simple. DMK is botanical-based and pharmaceutical-grade skincare. You have to buy it from a licensed professional.

AM routine:
DMK Enbioment cleanser
DMK Enbioment mist
DMK Enbioment serum
DMK Seba-e hydration oil
DMK herb & mineral moisture spray
Caudalie the eye cream
Drunk Elephant – Umbra Tinte physical daily defense ( I am looking for a different sunscreen)
Grown Alchemist- Hydra-repair day cream

The DMK line very easy on my sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate it at all. My skin looks less red and inflamed. My favorite products of the DMK line are the Seba-e oil and the herb & mineral spray. I put three to four drops of oil in my hand then add three spray rub together and press it into my skin. The Caudalie eye cream is very light weight but hydrating.

With the IPL treatments, sunscreen is important, I like the drunk elephant, but I am looking for either serum or very light cream. I don’t like using sunscreen with my current makeup look. The Grown Alchemist day cream is also a great primer for makeup. This is why I use it last. With taking better care of my skin I have been using less makeup, including not using foundation.

My evening skincare routine is very simple, I like to remove all of my makeup and then hydrate my skin.

PM routine:
Mauli -Supreme skin cleansing oil
Saie – cleaning rounds
Augustine Bader the cream cleansing gel
Augustine Bader the rich cream

The cleansing oil removes all my makeup and dirt from day quickly. I use the Saie round by wetting it under warm water and using it to remove the cleaning oil and cleansing gel. The Augustine Bader line is hydrating and nourishing. The cleansing gel is so gentle on my skin and is prefect for a second cleanse on my makeup days and also works great as my only cleanser on days that I don’t need to remove makeup. I highly recommend the Augustine Bader line and can’t wait to try more products.

Diane is a great resource for the DMK line, ordering my skin buddy which I love, and getting an IPL treatment. I cannot recommend her enough.


Laser Med Spa | InSkin Laser & Body

*One or more of these product was sent to me by the brand or retailer. I am NOT obliged to post about the product in exchange.


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