This past month I have been busy building and planting. I started my seeds in the starter kits I ordered from Amazon. With them, I have been watering and taking them in and out of the house each day. We have had a few bad days where it was raining too hard or snowing. Yes, we got snow last week, so the plants did not go out those days. But most days the plants got some sunshine and fresh air.

I built my planter box with my husband and set it up outside. It is already filled with dirt and ready to go for the plants. I think in about a week or so they should be ready to be moved. I don’t currently have a cover for my planter box so I don’t want to move them too soon and not be able to bring them in.

My basil and spinach seeds did not work the first time. So I got an indoor planter box with a light to try for the basil. The spinach I still need to buy seeds again and plant. Everything else looks really good. I might plant more garlic once I pick the first round. For the garlic, I am planning to put it in my Vitamix and blend it and keep it in a small container so I can keep it.

I can’t wait to get everything planted into the planter box and everything is in one area. Also, I can’t wait to start cooking with my products that I grew.


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