Smashed Potatoes

The Easter menu planning has begun in my house. This year I am making that I have not done before, smashed potatoes. Here is what you will need:Potatoes ( I used little red ones)SaltPepperGarlicCheeseOil Directions: Oven at 450 degrees cook for 30 minutes1. Boil potatoes (make sure you start your potatoes in the water)2. DrainContinue reading “Smashed Potatoes”

What I have been reading.

Reading is something I want to do more often. I have started to make it a priority this year. I listen to fiction audiobooks a lot and want to switch to more educational books. So far this year I have read three educational books. The first is What if I say the wrong thing? ByContinue reading “What I have been reading.”

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Tag

This St. Patrick’s Day things are going to be a little different, we are staying home with our dogs Emma & Oakley.  We have some extra homemade dog treats from last week, so we decided to drop off some of the treats to our friends’ dogs as a St. Patrick’s Day treat.  These are superContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day Treat Tag”