April Standouts

April went by so fast, springtime is one of my favorite times of the year. We get more sunlight but also get to see things come back to life from the long winter. This month has been a very busy month for me personally with lots of ups and downs. With that, I have been trying to just use what I already had and like.

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell cologne – this is one of my favorite scents for spring and summer. Jo Malone does cologne like no one else. The scents are very unique and not too many people wear them. The Wild Bluebell scent is described as ” Vibrant sapphire blooms in a shaded woodland. The delicate sweetness of dewy bluebells suffused with lily of the valley and eglantine, and a luscious twist of persimmon. Mesmerizing.” – Jo Malone website. it is not overpowering at all and great for every day.

Blossance Sheer mineral sunscreen – I finally found a sunscreen that I can use daily on my skin before makeup. It is not greasy nor does it leave a white cast. It is lightweight and works with my other skincare items.

Colleen Rothschild hair towel – This towel is amazing, I have been using this for weeks now and I won’t be without it again. I want to buy another one so when this one is in the wash I can use it. It pulls the water out of my hair so well. It also helps cut down on my styling time with heat. I am bringing this with me on vacation this year.

Augustinus Bader cleansing gel & the rich cream – The cleanser is gentle and leaves the skin hydrated and soft. The rich cream has fast become a must-have in my skincare routine. It hydrates my skin and keeps it looking soft and hydrated all day long. It is great on my dry sensitive skin.

This month I have been trying to just keep using what I am already loving.





April Empties

This month I did not use a lot of products up.

BBW handwash in Stress Relief – my husband I and use about one of these a month, I really liked this scent.

Flashpoint candle – Honestly I am not sure where I got this candle at this point. It smells really good, and I like the candle container. I am planning on cleaning out the container and putting my makeup brushes in it.

Dr. Jart Tigar grass color-correcting treatment is something I use every day. I use this on my redness and then just use concealer. It has removed my need for foundation. I really like this product to the point of before I ran out of this one I bought another one so I would not be without this.

Secret- Antiperspirant with essential oils I enjoyed this. It didn’t give me a rash like so many others do these days. It is expensive for an antiperspirant however if it is on sale I will buy it again.

That is it for this month, some months I move through products, and others I just don’t. This was one of those months.


Spring Décor

This time of year is one of my favorite times. I love watching things come back to life, the leaves back on the trees, flowers, and my garden is coming together. I also love changing up my decor.

My welcome mat is really easy to change out. The center part of the mat is interchangeable. Every few months I like to update it. This time I used a springtime mat that also matches my flag which is interchangeable. Both my flag and welcome mat also match my wreath on the door that I made. I had CKcustumspa customize my flag with a G for my last name. They did an incredible job on the flag. I love the fact that they were able to change an everyday item to a specialized item for my home.

Along with planting vegetables this spring, I also planted wildflowers, lavender, rose bushes, and Gladiolus mix bulbs. The wildflowers are along the wooded area in my backyard just to bring some color to the backyard. The lavender is in two pots, I want one for a centerpiece on my outdoor table. The other pot is for my front porch, however, after a little more research on lavender, it might not work the way I planted them. My rose bushes are from last year and I am hoping I get them back this winter, the one is doing okay the other two are still looking very small and I am worried.

For the wreath, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a plain wreath, lemon, white flowers, and lavender. I hot glued everything on the wreath and hung it with some ribbon I had from Michael’s grab box. I have one more thing I would like to add to my porch this year and it is a welcome sign that I am making. I went to the hardware store and bought a piece of wood and I am working on turning it into a sign that I can use year-round.

I like keeping this simple but still looking nice and put together. What is your favorite piece to decorate your home with?





Flowers Flowers!!!

When I think of spring, the first thing that comes to mind is flowers. This got me thinking about making paper flowers that I have made before. I made my sister a shadow box full of flowers to remember her dog that recently passed away. The flowers are very easy to make, they just take some time.

Things you will need:

Card stock
Tweezers or quilling tools
Hot glue gun
Cricut or another cutting machine

You can make different sizes of flowers, my suggestion is to pick one type of flower and size and keep it the same. If you like you can change up the colors of the card stock. These will make a great Mother’s day gift.


This past month I have been busy building and planting. I started my seeds in the starter kits I ordered from Amazon. With them, I have been watering and taking them in and out of the house each day. We have had a few bad days where it was raining too hard or snowing. Yes, we got snow last week, so the plants did not go out those days. But most days the plants got some sunshine and fresh air.

I built my planter box with my husband and set it up outside. It is already filled with dirt and ready to go for the plants. I think in about a week or so they should be ready to be moved. I don’t currently have a cover for my planter box so I don’t want to move them too soon and not be able to bring them in.

My basil and spinach seeds did not work the first time. So I got an indoor planter box with a light to try for the basil. The spinach I still need to buy seeds again and plant. Everything else looks really good. I might plant more garlic once I pick the first round. For the garlic, I am planning to put it in my Vitamix and blend it and keep it in a small container so I can keep it.

I can’t wait to get everything planted into the planter box and everything is in one area. Also, I can’t wait to start cooking with my products that I grew.


Skin Care Routine

Over the past few months, I have been getting facials at Inskin Laser & Body. Diane is my esthetician and is amazing. We have moved on to IPL treatments for my facial redness. WIth getting the treatments I wanted to change up my skincare routine to work with the treatments. Diane recommended the DMK line, so I use them in the morning and keep my nighttime routine very simple. DMK is botanical-based and pharmaceutical-grade skincare. You have to buy it from a licensed professional.

AM routine:
DMK Enbioment cleanser
DMK Enbioment mist
DMK Enbioment serum
DMK Seba-e hydration oil
DMK herb & mineral moisture spray
Caudalie the eye cream
Drunk Elephant – Umbra Tinte physical daily defense ( I am looking for a different sunscreen)
Grown Alchemist- Hydra-repair day cream

The DMK line very easy on my sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate it at all. My skin looks less red and inflamed. My favorite products of the DMK line are the Seba-e oil and the herb & mineral spray. I put three to four drops of oil in my hand then add three spray rub together and press it into my skin. The Caudalie eye cream is very light weight but hydrating.

With the IPL treatments, sunscreen is important, I like the drunk elephant, but I am looking for either serum or very light cream. I don’t like using sunscreen with my current makeup look. The Grown Alchemist day cream is also a great primer for makeup. This is why I use it last. With taking better care of my skin I have been using less makeup, including not using foundation.

My evening skincare routine is very simple, I like to remove all of my makeup and then hydrate my skin.

PM routine:
Mauli -Supreme skin cleansing oil
Saie – cleaning rounds
Augustine Bader the cream cleansing gel
Augustine Bader the rich cream

The cleansing oil removes all my makeup and dirt from day quickly. I use the Saie round by wetting it under warm water and using it to remove the cleaning oil and cleansing gel. The Augustine Bader line is hydrating and nourishing. The cleansing gel is so gentle on my skin and is prefect for a second cleanse on my makeup days and also works great as my only cleanser on days that I don’t need to remove makeup. I highly recommend the Augustine Bader line and can’t wait to try more products.

Diane is a great resource for the DMK line, ordering my skin buddy which I love, and getting an IPL treatment. I cannot recommend her enough.


Laser Med Spa | InSkin Laser & Body


*One or more of these product was sent to me by the brand or retailer. I am NOT obliged to post about the product in exchange.


Pasta Night

Often I have no clue what I am going to make for dinner. One of my go-to dinners is pasta. My husband and I aren’t the biggest fans of a red sauce so I normally just make something up as I go. I made this the other night and it was very easy and delicious.

What you need:

Pasta (doesn’t matter what kind, I had spaghetti on hand)
Olive oil
Mushroom ( sliced to make it easier)
Frozen peas
Garlic Aioli sauce ( I used Stonewall)

Cook pasta like normal ( boil water and salt)

In a different pan combine the mushrooms, garlic, and a little oil. Cook down the mushrooms.
Add the peas and cook until thawed. Add salt and pepper. Turn down heat to low and add a little more oil. Add about a cup of garlic aioli sauce and warm the sauce.

Once the pasta is done, drain and coat with olive oil then add the mushroom and pea mixture.

I topped mine with fresh shredded cheese.


March Empties

Here are the things I have used up this month. A few of them are products I love, others I just wanted to use up and move on.

Neutrogena Body Oil – This has become a fast favorite, instead of using body lotion out of the shower I have been using this. My skin really likes the oil and keeps it hydrated all day.

Moroccan Oil- oil treatment – This is my go-to hair oil, it keeps it hydrated and easier to style. I already have a new one ready to go.

True Blue Spa- Shea Butter Super Rich Shower Cream – this was nice but left my shower floor slick and just wasn’t worth almost falling.

True Blue Spa – Shea Butter- Vanilla Almond Super Rich Body Cream – this was very hydrating but too thick it took so long to rub in.

Bath & Body Works – Foaming Hand Soap – Snowy Peach Berry – again this is another hand soap we have used up, I keep them in my bathroom and we are moving through them. I am already looking at other clean options.

Have you used any products this month?


March Standouts

March is over! Where did the month go? It has been a busy month, I started my garden and I am so excited. Spring is finally coming and so is warmer weather, even though I am writing this on a windy and somewhat cold day. With the change of weather, my skin is going a little crazy. Here are my standout products of the month.

With going back into the office more I have been wearing more makeup so cleaning my skin is important. The Mauli Supreme skin cleansing oil has made it so much easier to remove everything. You don’t need a lot to clean your whole face and remove every trace of makeup.

When my skin needs a bit more hydration I pull out Bobbi Brown’s skin nourished. It is a hydrating mask, I use it first as a mask in the morning then do my hair and get dressed. Then I rub in the rest of the cream and put on my makeup and it keeps my skin hydrated all day. I also like to use it at night and keep it on as a mask for hours. It is just a simple hydrating cream/mask.

My lips were chapped and pealing before using Bath and Body Works Mango lip gloss. The lip gloss has coconut oil in it and had helped keep them hydrated.

My garden is coming along, I have started seeding my plants. These Burpee starter kits make it so easy. All you have to do is add water and seeds. I keep mine in cardboard boxes to make it easier to move in and out of the house.

This month has gone by so fast and I have been so focused on my garden and getting ready for spring.



Smashed Potatoes

The Easter menu planning has begun in my house. This year I am making that I have not done before, smashed potatoes.

Here is what you will need:
Potatoes ( I used little red ones)

Directions: Oven at 450 degrees cook for 30 minutes
1. Boil potatoes (make sure you start your potatoes in the water)
2. Drain the potatoes
3. Smash Potatoes ( Do not use a glass trust me, I broke mine and cut my hands! Use a spatula)
4. Put them on a sheet pan
5. Drizzle oil
6. Add salt, pepper, and garlic seasoning
7. Add cheese to the top and put them in the oven

Hope you enjoy them.